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We are able to offer both nature assisted Therapy sessions and  Equine Assisted Therapy  plus other sessions with our herd on our picturesque property.


Regardless of the client’s previous experience with nature and horses, all interaction with the horses are facilitated in a safe and supportive way with a check-in and safety talk prior to every session.

Horse Wisdom Program

Duration: 6 x 1 hour sessions over 6 weeks

Age Group: Specially designed for children


The Horse Wisdom Program was developed by
Meg Kirby, Founder of Equine Psychotherapy Institute.

The program offers unique experiential learning
sessions interacting with horses with rich discoveries and learnings of self.

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Reconnect With Nature

Duration: 2 hours for 4 weeks

Age Group: Anyone aged from 6 - 60years old, able bodied & 
can walk for 30 minutes up a slight hill.


More details to be uploaded soon



Family Mindfulness session with the Minis

Ideal For: Parents or carers of children aged 2-11

Bring the family to experience being mindful with Rocky, Charlie and peanut, practice your calm breathing and becoming grounded and then spend time hanging out with the Minis grooming them- if you are really lucky you may get a kiss from Charlie.


You can view and book the full range of services Black Beauty Equine Assisted Therapy Learning offer by clicking the button below

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