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Reconnect with Nature Counselling and workshops

Over the next few months I shall be transiting my business name from Black Beauty Equine Assisted Learning and Therapy( bit of a mouth full ) to Reconnect with Nature- Counselling and workshops.

I have decided that due to the beautiful settling that I practice from, I am able to offer Green Therapy space at its best.

We are ideally placed, with just the sounds of nature, with no traffic noise, surrounded by a picturesque view from all angles and have two dams which we can sit by and admire the reflections.

We have a grand total of 38 acres on which we can walk, skip or sit on. We have our own private forest where I am able to offer a number of services to individuals or small groups.

Yes I will still offer Equine Assisted Counselling, however this service is only a small part of what I am Qualified and insured to practice.

My intention is to offer my clients a Holistic service combining a number of modalities here from our property and the horses and ponies will be a small offering of my service.

I am currently researching and writing workshops so will be editing this website to include my new services in due course.

With Care

Sally 12/7/22

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