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Meet The Team

Sally Morley
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  • Equine Assisted Psychotherapist offering both Equine Assisted Learning and Therapy

  • Diploma in Counselling- Registered with Australian Counselling Association Level 2 and may offer Sand Play Therapy as part of her Counselling practice

  • Diploma in Mental Health and Drugs and Alcohol, 

  • Graduate Certificate in Gestalt Therapy

  • Clinical Hypnotherapist NLP Practitioner and Life Coach

  • Reiki Healing (Master & Practitioner since 1997)

  • Certificate of Spiritual Healing with HPAI

A people person, honest, spiritual, grounded and likes to have some fun. Sally has always loved horses. When she was 8 years old her family welcomed their first pony Sylvyn who stayed with the family until she died at a ripe 34 years of age.

Sally Morley spent her early career working in management positions in the hospitality, spa and retail industry. Since becoming a Qualified Counsellor in 2005 sally has been employed On the Sunshine Coast in the Community services sector, working with Children, Families, youth, Foster carers and the homeless on the Sunshine Coast.
Sally felt very privileged to take young people to Equine Assisted Therapy & grew curious about how the young people responded to this specialised therapy, especially when they had a trauma background.  
In July 2019 Sally Qualified as an Equine Assisted Psychotherapist, with the Institute of Equine Assisted Psychotherapy


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David Morley

David is a country man at heart, a 3rd generation farmer, he has a blue card and a wealth of experience working and supporting people from all walks of life. He is Grounded, realistic with a great sense of humor. He has a wealth of experience working with a variety of Animals. David is well known in Australia an a breeder of Australorp chickens and will travel the countryside showing his prized chickens.


The Horse Herd

Beau - The Original Black Beauty

Is the herd leader, Gentle, handsome, caring and has strong boundaries- so watch for his yes and no.

Bella - 

Is young, highly spirited, Kind, interested and loves her food.

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Kai is a beautiful ex racehorse who was saved with her son Ki at the Gympie Sales early 2019 by a beautiful lady who brought them both back to good health. Kia is approximately 15 years of age and has had at least 6 foals, Ki being her last. 
Kia is kind, gentle and loving and walks on lead very fast. We are still training Kia for therapy and so far she is showing us nothing but positivity.

Ki Ki (Baby)

Ki is keen to please and a quick learner. He loves to give his mum mutual grooms and since living with us, is showing his independence by hanging out, playing, and learning from Beau.
 He is always getting into mischief exploring with his mouth just like a toddler. He often is spotted having naps next to the Mini herd.

Diva - The Border-Collie

Diva is kind and caring locally born and Bred in Gympie, loves people and especially children- she is known to sit with troubled teenagers for hours just to uplift them.

Jasmine - The House Cat

Old Rescue cat who sleeps all day, loves attention at night and is the humans pet therapy 

The Mini Herd


Rocky is a beautiful 15year old Shetland pony who is such a loveable boy. He is strong, independent, loves grooming, loves people, loves food and is not spooked by anything.

The ideal therapy pony.
He is often spotted playing with Charlie and trying to get peanut to play with him.

Charlie Brown - Charles

Is old and wise, plays often with Beau, he loves massages plus he gives great kisses.

 Peanut - The Stoner

Is independent and a free spirit so an escape artist​

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